Spartacus/Slave revolt list

Spartacus/Slave revolt list

Postby Tim Haslam (argh) » Wed Nov 23, 2011 4:08 pm

I'm thinking of putting a slave revolt list together for Stuart to add to his free PDF downloads.

My thoughts are, not very well trained warband (HTH2) but with decent weapons.
Throwing spears/Large shield.
My research indicates extremely well motivated, but unskilled masses?
The Gladiators were so small in numbers (76 I think) compared to armies of 100,000+
I think they should be represented by a large number of sub-commanders, say four as opposed to the usual two?
I would consider low discipline but high morale?
and look at some of the psychology rules to help boost this, Relentless, Steady etc.

Any thought chaps?
you know it makes sense
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