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Egyptians and Greek command

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Egyptians and Greek command

Postby scarabminiatures » Mon Jul 25, 2011 4:01 pm

Just a quick note to say the first of our New Kingdom Egyptians (six different archers) are now on the web site along with our Greek Generals and Command pack.

Here are a couple of pictures.

Egyptian Archers
AE001 Archers.jpg

Greek Command
AGK18 Generals and Musicans.jpg

We have also added separate Greek shields and cast spear packs

Egyptians will recieve hand to hand infantry, command and chariots next. I will also be adding a larger archer pack with more "shooting" poses than loading. If anyone needs one desparately, drop me an email via the web site as this won't happen until I have actually taken a picture of the pack, which involves me painting some of the models up first!

Not sure what the Greeks and Spartans will get next, still trying to decide!

(Although I do intend to convert the musicans myself to make up a couple of shield and spear bearers for those generals, as I think that would look pretty nice as a vignette)

kind regards
Rob Broom
[email protected]
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