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Marco Gasbarri and his Anticamente Army

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Marco Gasbarri and his Anticamente Army

Postby Tridente.Bologna » Wed Jun 29, 2011 1:30 pm

Is my use submit the participants of the Anticamente tournaments to small and innocent interviews :twisted:

You can find many interviews on the Anticamente Blog, but this time to interview sum a small army report made ​​by Marco Gasbarri for the tournament.


We can say that Marco is the bane of many Italian players and now of the Anticamente players. His army is very nice and it's worth giving it a peek, so here's the link

To tell the truth this is not the first army built for Anticamente, the first was Bizzio. You will see most of its army and those of some other artis at a time, otherwise if I show you all at once... :wink:
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