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British 8th Army - colour primers and Army Painter dip

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British 8th Army - colour primers and Army Painter dip

Postby James Morris » Fri Aug 12, 2011 9:01 pm

Sorry for the non-ancient post, but thought this might be of interest to the painting community...

A future project for me is going to be to expand my Abyssinia 1935-6 games into the East Africa Campaign in WW2, Keren 1941 and all that. I'll be needing to paint large numbers of British and Commonwealth soldiers quite quickly for this, so I thought I'd give the Army Painter coloured primers a go. Desert Sand isn't quite the right shade for the uniforms I was after, but it did provide a really good base. I've been using the Quickshade Strong Tone dip for a while now (painted on, not dipped), and have found it is at its best on light khaki/ brown colours, especially when it soaks in a round the details on uniforms, webbing, socks etc.

Here are my first test figures.
The chap in the centre is an Artizan model, flanked by two West Wind figures.
One of the West Wind models. I left the webbing as the Desert Sand primer and painted around it, which seemed to work well, though the uniform colour I chose here (Vallejo Green Ochre) was too similar, I think.
My favourite of the 3, the Artizan model. The gun and skin were painted in with a base coat and then highlighted after shading with the AP Strong Tone.
The other West Wind model, full of action! The uniform has had one highlight after a layer of AP Strong Tone, but the webbing is just the primer.
Rear view. This shot is really good for showing the Desert Sand colour primer on the webbing and backpacks and how well the AP Strong Tone picks out the detail.
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