Scenario Ideas and Questions

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Scenario Ideas and Questions

Postby greedo » Wed Mar 25, 2009 11:59 pm

So now that I've got 1 battle out of the way, I started thinking up scenarios, and had some questions some people might have opinions about..

Scenario 1: Surprise vs. Acheron
Ok, ok, I've watched MaC too many times. 1 on 1 fight between 2 ships with lots of additions. A very fast game, but should be good to teach new people.
Both ships will be customized according to the movie, so normal squadron and allowed additions do not apply.

6th Rate Frigate, British, Post Captain
Master Gunner
Master Physician

French Privateer, Acheron,
??? I'm going to say 5th Rate Frigate but could it be bigger?
French, but follows some Privateer rules
Instills -1 command in any enemy ship within 14cm
Streamlined Hull
Is there a house rule addition that gives "reinforced hull". Perhaps just give it a +1 save low for the thickness.

Not sure how the points work out, but one of the biggest things of the scenario is going to be the setup. i.e. who has weather gage, how close are they, and is one of the ships pretending to be a whaler and then gets to surprise the other one :)

Scenario 2: Attack on Kingston Ontario, Canada, Lake Ontario, 1812
Fictional scenario in the town I used to live in. Fort Henry (still there) defends the coast along with several towers placed along an accurate coastline, maybe some small British ships also defending against an American Invasion (it never happened there, but they were quite worried about it).
So a bunch of American frigates and a few troop ships try to make a landing near the fort to take it without destroying it.
Totally unsure how to do this one or what special rules to employ but the idea of escorting troop ships that have to drop off troops has me juiced up :)
Maybe have the troops disembark in boats, and the troop ship just has to drop them off, and then roll to see if they've taken the fort yet (i.e. don't worry about actual troop positions on land).


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Re: Scenario Ideas and Questions

Postby Der Kaiser » Tue May 19, 2009 11:45 am

With regard to your second scenario, you could just do something like this:
- Yankee troop ships each carry X troops
- Y troops must reach the coast in order to take the fort. The game ends 2 turns after Y troops have reached land.
- a boat can carry one troop to the beach
- alternatively, a troop transport can voluntarily beach to disembark all troops aboard, but will then count as casualty
- once the fort falls, count the casualties on the Yankee side. Canadians win if they have inflicted more than Z casualties (including beached transports) or have destroyed enough troops to prevent the US from taking the fort.

That way, the US has to focus both on taking the fort and not letting the Canadian cause too many casualties.
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Re: Scenario Ideas and Questions

Postby Tommy » Tue May 19, 2009 12:13 pm

I would also consider adding a second element to the scenario.

Once you have disembarked your troops switch to a LotHS/LotOW game where you have to then attack the fort.

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