I have a source for pre-assembled and painted ships

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I have a source for pre-assembled and painted ships

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I have a source for pre-painted and assembled ships. John Laing of Newark, Notts, UK.

Examples of John's work [which I have owned for 10 years] can be seen here: http:[email protected]/190505604/ here: http:[email protected]/190505602/ and here: http:[email protected]/190505603/sizes/l/

I have John's permission to distribute his 'catalogue'. Copied in below.
Please note that I have no business connection with John, I am merely a satisfied customer.


Ship of the Line aims to provide good quality wargaming models at a competitive price.

Prices include model kit in 1/1200 scale from Skytrex. Prices for models from other manufacturers (eg Langton or GHQ) please ask for quote.

Models are supplied painted, rigged and based. Bases are textured and painted. Normally, they are 25mm wide and of sufficient length to protect bowsprit etc. If any other bas size is required, please specify. Rigging consists of shrouds and stays in black thread.
Ship of the Line would like to help you build your collectionof models in this colurful period. Therefore we provide a list of choices for colur and style.

Ships of the period were painted in a wide variety of schemes.
Sides were "single", "double" or "chequer".

Generally, the side was painted a lighter colour, with a darker colour (usually, but not always, black) forming the top, bottom, and any lines between gunports. Ships with all black sides were not uncommon. You may choose from the attached list on page 2, allow me select appropriate schemes for you, or request any specific scheme you require.

Make 3 Decker 2 Decker Frigate Smaller
Skytrex £20.00 £18.00 £15.00 £12.00

I can also do ship and order of battle research from my extensive library on the period. Please inquire with your specific needs.
I can also off the service of the Naval section of the Nafziger Lists
( http://home.fuse.net/nafziger/ ) for extensive Orders of Battle for the period.
I am the UK and European distributor for these lists.

Group Deals!
1. Battle Squadron:
1 x Three Decker (1st or 2nd Rate) and 3 x Two Deckers (3rd Rate)
Skytrex models: £65.00

2. Frigate Squadron:
4 x Frigates (5th Rates)
Skytrex models: £50.00

3. Fleet:
2 x Three Deckers (1st or 2nd Rate)
5 x Two Deckers (3rd Rates)
2 x Frigates (5th rates)
1 x Sloop/Corvette
Skytrex models: £150.00

4. Jack Aubrey's Commands:
HMS Sophie (brig),
HMS Surprise (28),
HMS Diane (32),
HMS Lively (38)
HMS Boadicea (38)
HMS Worcester (74)
Skytrex models: £90.00

5. Cruising Squadron:
2 x Two Deckers (3rd Rates)
2 x Frigates (5th Rates)
1 x Sloop/Corvette
Skytrex models: £70.00

Colour choices are black (most common), blue or brown for the darker colour forming the top, bottom, and chequers. For the lighter colour on the sides of the ship, the choice is wider. Pick from buff, light brown, (black = all black, fairly common), light yellow, dark yellow, red, red brown, white (especially with later period chequers, particularly British), light blue and even more. In the earlier part of the period, a ship's side could be "payed", meaning the natural wood colour with varnish.
Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. If a longer time is required, I will let you knwo. If you are in a great hurry, please let me know and I may be able to expedite matters.


John's email is: [email protected]

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